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The Red Rose Chorus currently has one quartet and one octet. Other quartets have recently disbanded due to the outside commitments of their members. There is always an opportunity to start up new quartets. The members of these smaller groups are also members of the main chorus. They arrange extra practices and often perform without the main chorus.

The quartet is Four To The Bar. In October 2013 they were placed 6th in the International Male Quartet section of the Annual Irish Convention of Barbershop Singers, in Waterford and in November 2013 they were placed 20th (out of 42) at BABS Prelims, narrowly missing a place in the semi-finals. They are appearing as Mike-Warmers at the 40th Anniversary Convention. Go to the News page to watch the video.

Four To The Bar would love to entertain you

… anywhere

They can be contacted via the form on the Contact page. Here is a video of them performing at an informal birthday party …

… and a comment from a recent event organiser …

Four To The Bar,

What can I say? We and our visitors from Scotland thoroughly enjoyed the show last night; but I probably don’t need to tell you that, based on the applause you received after each song and at the end of the performance. Also, I was unaware that you had travelled so far for the performance. I got the impression you were all Merseyside based!

I’m sorry about the lack of a stage; it’s not the ideal place for what you did, but you carried it off with professionalism and good humour and ALL, to a man, loved it.

We do have socials throughout the year and I would guess that there will be further bookings, provided of course that you are available.

Once again, thank you for a fabulous performance.

Best regards,


You might think an octet should have eight members but that is not necessarily the case. A small group needs at least one voice from each of the sections but does not need equal numbers in each section. The octet was formed in June 2012 with the objective of creating a group that can perform separately at sing-outs, giving chorus members the special skills required to sing in a small group.

If you wish to book the New Tricks octet contact us using the form on the Contact page.

         Pete                          Norman               Paul          John

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