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Members’ Thoughts
… or … Why I love Barbershop and The Red Rose Chorus

Steve Close harmony singing needs real cooperation which, in turn, brings very close friendships and camaraderie. The closeness of the group adds to the joy of the singing.
Richard Singing really does make you feel good. With the added fun and banter along with the commitment and passion that we all give, it really does make for a worthwhile, long-term pastime. Barbershop has become more than a hobby for me... it has become a lifestyle!!
Richard Although I had previous experience and was able to relate to the basics of singing already... the concept of barbershop singing was entirely new to me. The unaccompanied voice singing in harmony as I had never heard it before was both thrilling and wholly satisfying. At first it was difficult (but not uncomfortably so) and the challenge became my motivation. The harmony was none like I had sung before but as the weeks went on I began to understand the concept more and gained confidence this way.
Richard Being hard of hearing and having to wear a hearing aid has always been a frustration for me from a singing perspective. People in the past had always had an unnecessary concern that I would find it very difficult to pitch and harmonise with other singers, or fail to hear any accompaniment sufficiently. However, this was never the case and I always proved them wrong. I would strongly urge anyone of any ability to come along and see what Barbershop can do for them!!
Richard I have always been a keen singer and have dabbled in various styles until I became classically trained while at college. Since then due to various life commitments my singing took a back seat but I always knew that I would take it up again... and here I am, 10 years later (older but not necessarily wiser) doing again what I love.
Richard I started in Jan 2013 with my Dad who has previous experience with the barbershop style. I was a bit apprehensive at first but right from the first rehearsal I was made to feel welcome!! There is a real fraternal acceptance throughout the group which really helped me to settle in quickly.
John Four voices harmonising together is a magical experience, much more than individual voices. Love it. 
Steve In recent competitions the Red Rose Chorus have been described as a small and well-balanced chorus. I can add to that - they are a very friendly and hard-working, small, well-balanced chorus who it is a real pleasure to sing with.
Steve I’ve been an enthusiastic amateur, when it comes to singing, for as long as I can remember. Church choirs, amateur dramatics and operatics and then there’s always the singing in the bath and shower.
Steve Work took me to many places around the country and curtailed my singing somewhat. I could never describe myself as a lapsed singer though, for a number of years I was a keen caver and the acoustics down there are wonderful.

Steve Life makes lots of choices for you and some of those choices made it difficult to participate in this hobby. It is with real satisfaction that I now, along with my son, have found an avenue back in to this fun and harmonious pastime.

John The RRC has given back much more than I put in. friendship, fun and good singing being the most important.

Steve I am one of the newest members of the Red Rose Chorus but am certainly not the newest to Barbershop singing. I first joined a Barbershop group over thirty years ago after sitting and singing with a quartet in a local pub. I haven’t managed to keep up my membership through all of that thirty years but am now glad to be back.

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