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©Preston Barbershop Harmony Singers Red Rose Chorus 2016
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2014 Convention

We came 27th out of 46 and improved on last year’s score.

We thoroughly enjoyed our performance, as did our audience who gave us a standing ovation.

The 2014 Convention was a very special event. It was BABS (British Association of Barbershop Singers) 40th anniversary and also the 40th anniversary of the Red Rose Chorus. We are one of the seven founding choruses still in existence.

The anniversary event was in Harrogate at the end of May. By a strange quirk of fate, the Red Rose Chorus were the last group to compete at the end of a very long day. It was pure chance that we followed the Yorkshiremen of the White Rose Chorus, from the other side of the Pennines. We sang a parody version of After you’ve gone, entitled  After we’ve gone to the bar, which was specially written for us. (See below)

Our quartet, Four To The Bar, were not competing in the Quartet Semi-finals and Finals but, as they narrowly missed out on selection, they started the proceedings by being Mike-warmers for the event.

After we've gone to the bar

Forty years since BABS begun
(Been) lots of singing, lots of fun
Judges we just want to say
(We know) you've had a very long day
After we’ve gone and left you clapping
After we’ve sung feet will be tapping;   
don’t feel blue,  don’t feel glum
(just keep on smil...) (bass)
Keep smiling even though your - backside’s numb

Now all of this time should have been scoring
But some  of the time we caught you snoring
Long day………./ started this morning
It’s nearly over and we bet you’ll be yawning
After we’ve gone, after we’ve gone away

(Who’ll win?) Sheffield you say?
maybe Great Western?
Remember the day, Remember PRESTON  
Thi-(Thi)sday, soon will be over
you can relax  (Ah….) needn’t stay sober
After we’ve gone after we’ve gone away
So we’ll say goodbye, If__ you just score us high.
After we’ve gone away, gone away

To the Bar