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Practices in the early part of the year seemed to centre around elastic bands. This was a idea instigated by Rob Barber who ‘ brought each of us a strong double elastic band to be used to generate breath control at the ends of phrases as appropriate. Rob agreed to coach the Chorus every first Thursday in the month.

On February 9th, Peter Moser, song writer for the Preston Guild Sing the Docks, visited to teach the Guild Anthem and to explain about the project. He was hoping to have 2012 singers  gather around the docks.

On February 23rd the Chorus and Four t the Bar both gained second places at Hazel Grove Music Festival.

Neil Firth coached the Convention Chorus on March 1st. He told the Chorus of his background (for those who didn’t know him) and went on to talk about the Bolton Chorus.

He went on to tell us that his chorus are not superior singers just ordinary guys who achieve high standards through using their voice production equipment to a better than average format. Extensive use of bubbling and engaging of the Lats support muscles, is the key to better singing. For Neil, a  song starts with all the air blown out of one’s pipes, a silent intake of breath through the mouth and the first notes of the song sung on the exit breath through the nose.

Rob and Neil were both scheduled to return to more Thursday practices and to some Sunday practices.

In March three UCLAN students came to record the Chorus and interview Emma. They also arranged for a flash mob performance in St George’s shopping centre  on April 29th. There was also a radio broadcast.

Photograph from Lancashire Evening Post.

On Apriil 3rd the Chorus sang at the funeral of Bryan Smith, who had been a member of the bass section until shortly before his death.

Convention was in Southport and the Chorus came 22nd out of 39. Five choruses improved their scores by more than 10%; the Red Rose Chorus improved by 14%.

On June 28th the Chorus and other ex-members sang The Irish Blessing at Tom McMullan’s funeral.

Mike Cracknell visited some practices and arranged for the Chorus to be involved in Preston Light Night on August 31st, and to sing on a float in the Guild Community Procession.

There were several singouts. One for Four to the Bar was a little unusual as they were booked by a groom, to serenade his bride-to-be, at 9 o’clock n the morning, while she was at the hairdresser’s. Sing the Docks took place in July. Lytham 40s Day was a great success in August.

Bernard Davis was awarded the Bill Thomas award for outstanding service to the club with his weekly circulated blog.

The octet, New Tricks, had a singout at Aughton in December.

December 20th was the last practice at BACEE. Practices were to move to Leyland Methodist Junior School in the New Year.

The Red Rosettes also had a good year. They came 9th at their Convention and were awarded The Millennium Award for the Most Improved Chorus. Technique came 4th in the quartet competition.