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In January seven people received BABS Membership Certificates. Presumably this was as a result of the Learn to Sing course.

On February 5th various members were informed that BNFL (practice venue) was to close immediately and all belongings had to be removed. This seems to have come out of the blue and caused a great deal of consternation. Display stands, notice boards and steel cabinets had to be removed in addition to all the paperwork, vinyl records, etc. A meeting was held a The Saddle Inn to discuss the future. The risers were left at The Saddle until an alternative venue could be found. Several venues were considered and some were tried. BACEE at South Meadow Lane was decided on.

Convention was at Llandudno. The Chorus came 19th out of 33. After convention it is written that ‘Eamon said the chorus looks better than we sing -must be matched!’.

In October the Chorus took part in the Southport Music Festival and came 2nd out of 6.

For several weeks eight-part harmony songs were practised in preparation for a joint concert with the Rosettes, at Lytham Lowther Pavilion, in December. There was also a special version of ‘The Lassies from Lancashire to support the Rosettes at their convention.

There were several singouts for the Chorus and Quartet, including some weddings and funerals. An unusual event took place on November 30th when

Harmony Express Quartet drove to Darwen Academy to sing to the pupils who were assembled to witness their teacher having his moustache shaved off with our singers providing a musical background. Lots of photos were taken and the quartet were featured by a press photographer for Lancashire Telegraph which was printed he following night.