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2002 & 2003

The year began with discussion about the costs of the BNFL rehearsal room. It was agreed to pay a weekly fee of £50. It had previously been £25 but there was some problem with the room sometimes being partitioned. The new fee ensured that suitable spaces would always be available.

In March 26 delegates took part in a weekend event called Vocal Lab. This was lead by Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher. The fist day involved a lot of teaching about the mechanics of the voice including ‘computer controlled visuals and a model of a human head with detachable voice box, tongue, etc.’ The second day was about improving performance. One comment is that the Chorus learned that a warm up should only take seven and a half minutes. After the event it is noted that Mike Ingham said it was ‘money well spent’.

Dave Mann and Bernard Davis received inscribed tankards for many years service to the Club.

In 2002 the date of the Spring Bank Holiday was changed so that the Queen’s Golden Jubilee could be celebrated in June. This required changes to the Convention programme so that everyone could get back to work on Monday.

There were many singouts during the year.

There is very little information about 2003.

Convention was at Harrogate.