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More History

This year began with an Open Night. This  seems to have been a recruitment drive with an opportunity to listen to the Chorus and Quartet and to learn about the history of the Club and Barbershop in general. Visitors were encouraged to get up and join in. They also got a free pint of beer!

At this time the Chorus was in three levels: Yellow was just for singing on Thursday nights, Blue was for taking part in singouts and Red was for those who were also part of the competition chorus for BABS events.

In March there was a Coaching Weekend. Before the event, Simon Hilton (Musical Director) wrote:

As we prepare for this weekend of training, let us think of the way we, as the Chorus Members, perform to create the music we love so much.

We stand together to sing the songs we love, to hear those harmonies that bring a smile (sometimes) to our faces. No matter how awful the day has been, when we make that special sound, all our problems just drift away. They often return, but we know we can lose them again, next time we sing together.

We as a  Chorus want to improve. We as individuals want to sing better. To do this, we all need to make a commitment to ourselves as well as the other members of the Chorus we stand alongside each week. Each one of us can improve our own performance; however, a few things need to be in place to allow that to happen not just the once but to make a change to our wn personal capability or way of doing things:

The combined BABS and LABBS was in Brighton.

In May there was an event as part of BBC Music Live. It was a club night with a difference. A capacity audience was invited from several local residential homes. This seems to have been a good plan as the room was already booked for rehearsal so there was no additional cost and it also ensured the maximum turn-out of singers. The audience were entertained by the Red Rose Chorus, Fortunes quartet, Opus 4 (a mixed quartet), 2-Timers (jazz trombone and electronic keyboard) and Northern Heritage.

In June the Chorus joined with the Red Rosettes to sing an eight-part arrangement of Exodus at A Worship Celebration For The New Millenium at Deepdale Stadium.

In October Ted Stark presented Bernard Davis with a badge from BABS to commemorate his 25 years as a member.