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If the scrapbooks are a true reflection of events, 1997 seems to have got off to a much livelier start.

Early in the year hotel rooms were booked in Brighton for Convention. The Chorus had 46 members at this time; 37 were going to Brighton.

The Red Rose Rag was revived in February, as a monthly publication, with pleas for people to write about ‘Letters, News, Holiday experiences, your other Hobby’. There is one edition (March 1997) in the scrapbook. It includes this entertaining Match Report. Later in the year Bernard is asking for stories for the October edition so it looks as though it was still functioning.

Bernard Davis was Barbershopper of the Year. This has been no reference to this in the last few scrapbooks. Presumably it did still exist.

Jack Morton seems to have been a very popular character who died during this year. Earlier in the year, this song had been sung to him by Northern Heritage (Quartet):

In March there was a Coaching Weekend at Fernlea Hotel, St. Anne’s. In addition to the usual practices, each member had 20 minutes of individual coaching. There is a song sheet for the occasion:

The song sheet also includes Que Sera Sera and You Are My Sunshine. Individual members also performed at The Ad-Hoc Show. Photos below:

It was a good year at Convention. The Red Rose Chorus came 5th (Their highest ever position.) This was a spectacular improvement on the previous year …

… and then came the Northern Prelims

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