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1993 - 1994

1993 seems to have been a bit of an anti-climax after the excitement of Preston Guild And Twinnning in 1992 though it still had its high points. ‘93 and ‘94 share a scrapbook which could be an indication that not much was happening. Reading between the lines, it seems that this was a lean time for all Barbershop groups and many were on the decline, with some ‘mergers’.

In January ‘93 there was a Pub Trawl. Seven pubs were visited in one evening with 10 - 15 minutes singing in each. This was really a recruitment drive but I didn’t see any mention of how successful it was.

There were very few sing-outs during the year and there is a recurring theme about what should be sung at such events, perhaps partly due to a rather limited repertoire and partly due to members not being prepared to commit themselves.

This (written February 25th) is a view that seems to be shared by many:

There will be those who are of the opinion that Convention preparation should take precedence over the learning of new material. As a man who loves singing I would be the first to appreciate the importance of Convention - but if I may voice a personal opinion …

… At Convention we may sing better than ever before, we may win the Gold Medal - but neither of these will put money into the bank. We have no planned Sing-Outs for the remainder of 1993, there is nothing in the Sing-Out Diary. Like ZILCH, like ZIPPO, like empty, like nothing. We need money to survive, Members’ subscriptions will not put enough money in the bank, neither will a Gold Medal. Oh no it won’t - the general public (and it is they who will pay us to perform) are not interested in a Gold Medal, they’ve never heard of BABS; all they are interested in is being entertained. (And NOT, I might add, by ‘pure’ and ‘clinically perfect Barbershop’)

Even the Jumble Sale was a disaster. Only eight men and four wives turned up and £60 worth of items were stolen. The total raised was £102.94.

There was some excitement about the first Annual Show which was to be held on June 4th in the Charter Theatre. It was advertised as One More Song ‘93. An evening of music, dance, comedy, barbershop and close harmony.

During this year it was decided that referring to the Club by three different names was getting unwieldy. The official name had previously been Preston Barbershop Harmony Club. It was proposed to drop this in favour of Preston Barbershop Singers though there was an on-going discussion as to whether ‘harmony’ should still be in the title. The Red Rose Chorus was to be used in competition and at BABS events.

It looks as though newsletters stopped in mid-1993 and I have not seen reports of any committee meetings, AGM, or anything other paperwork. this implies that there was still not a lot happening. There are press cuttings of a few charity events. The images below are Bernard’s notes for the year.

These are some of the photos for ‘93 and ‘94

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