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At the front of this scrapbook are copies of the weekly Red Rose Bulletin for June. Later in the year this ‘publication’ obviously changed its name to The 5th Dimension of the Red Rose Chorus. These date from October 3rd to the end of the year. There may have been other newsletters in the interim period but they are not in the scrapbook.

There was already a lot of excitement about the twinning with the Red Rose Chorus from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which was to happen in August 1992. On June 20th the Chorus were instructed:

I know that August ‘92 is a long way off but please put off

1. Getting married    2. Having babies    3. Attending a dirty weekend    4. Suffering from a hangover    5. Any other excuse
or basically any impediment that will keep you off the risers during the tour.

On July 11th there was a quartet competition with judges from the Red Rosettes, Bolton BHC and Bradford BHC

In October the Red Rose Chorus helped to celebrate the first birthday of Wigan and the Rosettes won the Barbershop Chorus Section of the Southport Music Festival.

There was a free Social Evening at Leyland Resort Hotel, on November 8th. It was entitled A Northern Gathering and included Preston Ladies, Gr. Manchester Ladies & Men, Blackpool Ladies & Men, Bolton Men, Wigan Men, Liverpool Ladies & Men, Merseyside Men, Stockport Ladies & Men, Southport Ladies & Men.

There was preparation for the Northern Prelims at Sheffield at the end of November, with a lot of concern about whether everyone knew the words. There was a dress rehearsal at Preston Arts Centre the week before. Just one month before prelims the newsletter says:

Our sing-out at Penwortham Golf Club was another example of controlled and quality singing - and Simon Hilton said he was pleased. (Excuse me, I must rush off for a drink of cold water, I’ve come over all faint with shock!) I’m given to believe that the moves are okay-ish - but will we please execute them at the same time.

There was much praise for Simon Hilton, Ted Stark, Mike Firth, Bernard Davis Alan Wright and Peter Asher in the lead up to the Prelims.  

A week later the newsletter reported

Prelims … for The Red Rose Chorus were a success. Oh yes they were! I noticed one or two disappointed looks after the results were announced on Saturday. Let’s keep things in perspective though: We meet only once a week (and devote only a certain portion of hat time to competition practise), not all singing members were available for the competition and the standard and quality of the other competing choruses had risen - and we STILL took 8th place.

Hey fellas, we are the 8th finest Chorus in the North of England - Correction - we are he 8th finest Chorus North of Cambridge! So … where do we go from here? We go to Convention and take Birmingham by the ears and give it the biggest surprise it’s ever had!

During the year there were attempts to get members more involved by sending out a questionnaire to find out what they would like to see changed. It was an uphill battle to get the forms returned and the biggest moaners were conspicuous by being those who didn’t return th e forms at all.

Earlier in the year the Red Rose Chorus came 14th at the Bournemouth Convention
(though it seems as though there was some debate about whether they were really 13th as the chorus above had the same final score)

In October the Club applied for a grant from The Foundation For Sports And The Arts, towards he cost of buying a trailer for the risers. Norman compiled an extensive dossier explaining why this was needed. They were currently being transported in an old van of dubious road-worthiness and had to be unloaded into an unheated stable before the van could be used for work purpose the next morning, etc., etc.  

Barbershopper of the Year was Norman Ambrose.

In the preparations for the 1992 Preston Guild  the following suggestion was made:

Norman said we may by Guild 1992 have an enclosed trailer. Bernard suggested a previously decided number of Club singers could leap out of the trailer and sing a song to bystanders, at the cessation of which they would vanish back into the trailer to re-emerge at another point further along the route. Bernard then returned to the land of realism and sanity and agreed with Michael that a flat trailer may suffice!

What a picture that conjures up

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